Prince of Tennis
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Prince of Tennis

Seishun Academy is home to one of the best middle school tennis teams in all of Japan. Freshman tennis prodigy Ryouma Echizen enrolls in the prestigious institution with his eyes set on claiming a regular position on the Boys’ Tennis Team. As the son of legendary tennis player Samurai Nanjirou, Ryouma is sick of living in his shadow and wishes to surpass him someday. He is confident in his skills and has the cocky attitude to match. His teammates, however, are reluctant to accept him into their starting lineup, as he hasn’t proven himself worthy of the spot.

Seishun’s ultimate goal is to make it to the National Tournament by the end of the year, but they first have to make it through the Kanto Regionals to even qualify for a spot in it. With their new “super rookie” on the team, Seishun is ready to take on anything that comes their way. With a varied assortment of rivals and opponents that can threaten their chance at the title, the Seishun team needs to give it their all in order to rise to the top.

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Japanese テニスの王子様 English Prince of Tennis Status Publishing Type Manga Author Konomi, Takeshi Serialization Shounen Jump (Weekly) Total Chapter 382 Total Volume 42 Released: Jul 6, 1999 to Mar 3, 2008 Years:
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