The Legend of the Northern Blade
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The Legend of the Northern Blade

For decades, the brave warriors of the Northern Heavenly Sect fought to keep the world safe from the evil Silent Night. But when the fourth generation leader is accused of colluding with the enemy, he is forced to disband the sect and commit suicide to protect his son, Moowon. With no family and allies left, Moowon leads a dreary life under close surveillance… until a surprise attack from the Silent Night gives him a chance to escape to the mountains. There, the young warrior trains to master the fighting techniques of his predecessors, before the mysterious disappearance of a loved one brings him back to the mainland. Follow Moowon as he embarks on a journey to avenge his father’s death and take down the villains who threaten to plunge the world into darkness!

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Japanese 북검전기 Synonyms Buk-geomjeon-gi English The Legend of the Northern Blade Status Publishing Type Manhwa Author Woogack (Story), Hae, Min (Art) Serialization KakaoPage Total Chapter Unknown Total Volume Unknown Released: Dec 31, 2019 to ? Years:
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