Welcome to the Ballroom
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Welcome to the Ballroom

With no particular dreams or plans for the future, third-year middle schooler Tatara Fujita yearns to find something that he can pursue wholeheartedly. Initially often bullied and extorted for his lack of confidence, Tatara’s life changes when he is saved from delinquents by a man named Kaname Sengoku. His savior, a motorcycle-riding dance instructor, proceeds to drag Tatara to Ogasawara Dance Studio, mistakenly believing that the boy was looking at the studio’s flyer.

Tatara is then partnered with his schoolmate and skilled dancer Shizuku Hanaoka when he agrees to a trial lesson. The next day after being bullied and only to be saved yet again, he asks the studio to teach him dancing in hopes of changing his image. Now entering a bright and fast-paced new world, Tatara dedicates his time to dancing as he sweeps over the dance hall.

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Japanese ボールルームへようこそ Synonyms Sweep over the Dance Hall English Welcome to the Ballroom Status Publishing Type Manga Author Takeuchi, Tomo Serialization Shounen Magazine (Monthly) Total Chapter Unknown Total Volume Unknown Released: Nov 5, 2011 to ? Years:
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